Wow, I need graphics something wicked. Maybe a spiffy logo or something.

Welcome one, welcome all to

I have no idea

Wow. It's been a long time that this has been sitting here.

I'm not really sure what all to write here. I've got a bunch of stuff lying here and there, but no real "front-end" presence to tie it all together. So, I suppose I can just put a list of stuff that's up here...

The Stuff

I used to do programming work with 3D Studio MAX. Not anymore, but there's some stuff available that may be interesting to someone on my 3dsmax Programming Page.

I play guitar and bass, I was in a band called Clockwork once. We had a bunch of cool tunes, played gigs from time to time, and unfortunately recorded very little of what we did. Songs are downloadable from my high-storage site over here.

After Clockwork kinda folded we turned into another mass of joy called Belus, but didn't write as prolifically at that point. A few recordings of works-in-progress are also available.

Since moving to Southern California, I haven't managed to get together with any other players, so I've been working on a bunch of stuff by myself with my 16-track digital recorder. That stuff is over here, also.

Through most of this, my main axe is one manufactured by a company called Time Guitars that was building guitars in South Burlington, Vermont until 1986. I've got a little site with incorrect information that I'm working to update as I get more reliable information. If you have pictures or information to share, please do! Mind, the pictures there are sort of horked up, I gotta get around to re-shooting them. My domain provider had a disk crash or something once upon a time, from which the pictures were not properly restored, and I never could find the originals...

Most of my actual played gear is documented over here, although as I am thoroughly afflicted with Gear Acquisition Syndrome, well, there's a bunch of stuff that's not up here just yet.